RecruitMen & Developium Group is a consulting and technological company with expertise in the multiple European Union markets. Our aim is to provide the services in the HR field and to develop the applications, which make the daily life of the HR professionals easier.

Our product sample

Lego Serious Play

Visual and interactive tool which can be used in various ways to inspect the different aspects of everyday life. Since the positive psychology is focused on the development and improvement of the positive aspects of life, LSP practically operates as the stimulating tool, which makes both the group learning and creating the deeper sense easier.

Applicant Tracking System

Managing the recruitment strategies and searching for the right candidates are the main tasks of the HR department. Do you have a good overview of your data? Can you use them effectively within the recruiting process? Save your time and budget spent while working with the candidates and gain the competitive advantage thanks to this timeless recruitment solution.

Online assessment

We are pushing the assessment’s limits in a way to make it even more meaningful, plausible and valuable for the client. We create and operate the item databases, item generators and develop the adaptive testing techniques in our tools with the aim to provide the best quality of the assessment. Thanks to the revolutionary sytem adalloc™, we have shortened the time needed for testing to the absolute minimum.